The concept of integration is the bringing together of two seperate component subsystems to operate as one system. We live in a world driven by software technologies and it is common for various software technologies to be integrated in order to communicate, synchronise and ultimately provide added efficiency. Electronic hardware has traditionally been used as an interface in order to utilise the advancements in software development, for example mobile phones, cameras, TVs, satellite navigation etc. But the concept of  integration between hardware and software opens up many new capabilities and can have a powerful influence on our daily lives. Integration involves communication between hardware devices, linking to cloud servers and being able to monitor performance and status as well as control functionality from anywhere in the world.

Taking hardware devices from our every day life and changing the way we use them through software integration is becoming the new wave of advancement. Seamless integration will bring about true automation in common manual tasks and ultimately increase productivity and efficiency across multiple industries.

Metalic Technology have been involved in product development for many years and over the last few years have invested a lot into the use of software and cloud services to integrate their products and linking them with remote interfaces.